Crap Happens

October 2014
Crap happens to all of us.  No one is immune.  Things may look good on the surface, but behind closed doors and deep down inside, all of us have crap to deal with.  Yip, me too.  It’s no excuse for not living a ridiculously good life.

As your mentor I will personally teach you how to prevent some crap, recover from crap, and use crap as fertilizer for your BIG Life.  Grab your shovel sister, we’re going to make a way through life’s little daily disappointments and the mega craptastic disasters!  Bring on the fertilizer.

October 8th:  LIVE Mentoring w/ Pamela (Crap Happens)
October 12th:  LIVE Mentoring w/ Pamela (Crap Prevention)
October 19th:  LIVE Mentoring w/ Pamela (Crap Recovery)
October 26th:  LIVE Mentoring w/ Pamela (Got Depends?)

——LIVE Chats with the Leadership Team—–

  • Natural Remedies with Big Mama Anela (10/6)
  • Eating on a Budget with Big Mama Becka (10/12)
  • Living Your Purpose with Big Mama Lori (10/15)
  • Divorce Recovery with Big Mama Becka (10/20)
  • Raising Kids with Purpose with Big Mama Gina (10/23)
  • Tidy House with Big Mama Taryn (10/28)


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