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Welcome to the GRIND

September 2014:  Welcome to the Grind – Waiting List for Oct.
THE GRIND:  The missing link between where you are and where you want to be.  The grind is why you gave up before, and now it’s exactly why you WILL MAKE IT!  In this month of BIG Life Mentoring I will help you remove the boredom, the stress and the overwhelm of the grind and replace it with the truth … the truth that there’s nothing you can’t have and you can’t do.
The grind is a good thing.  It’s what will make your home clean, your degree finished, your pants fit, your finish line attainable, and your marriage successful.  The grind will take you exactly where you want to go and I will be your guide the entire month as your mentor.
Every day we have a choice … the choice to be miserable in the grind, the choice to give up on the grind, or the choice to grind it out!
The grind.  Live it.  Love it.  Grind it out.

Week 1:  LIVE from Springfield, MO
Week 2:  The Grinders View
Week 3:  The Grinders Secret

Week 4:  A Better Way to Grind

——September Special Features—–
Rock Hard Abs Fitness Challenge
Fitness Session with Big Mama Lori (9/1)
Goal Setting Session with Big Mama Anela (9/5)
Finances Session with Big Mama Becci (9/9)
Marriage Session with Big Mama Taryn (9/16)
Meal Planning Session with Big Mama Becka (9/21)
Parenting Session with Big Mama Gina (9/25)
Follow us as we continue our BIG Life on Tour!

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