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November 2014 – Waiting List Open
You have an attitude about waking up every morning.  An attitude about your family.  An attitude about your home and finances and work.  And yes, you certainly have an attitude about yourself.  Here in BIG Life, we believe an attitude adjustment is the catalyst for a radical life change.

In November, you will learn how attitudes are created and most importantly, how they can be changed.  Are you ready for a “new tude”.  I will personally show you how each and every day you can intentionally choose an attitude that improves every area of your life.  The right attitude makes your entire world easier, brighter and happier, and I know exactly how to make that change.  May I help you?  You will be amazed by the vitality and excitement mentoring brings back into your life, right where you are, with nothing more than you already have.

November 2nd:  LIVE Mentoring w/ Pamela (The Birth of YouTude)
November 9th:  LIVE Mentoring w/ Pamela (Attitude A la Carte)
November 16th
:  LIVE Mentoring w/ Pamela (Mood and Food)
November 23rd:  LIVE Mentoring w/ Pamela (The Greatest Attitude of All)

——LIVE Chats with the Leadership Team—–

  • Living Your Purpose with Big Mama Lori (11/3)
  • Chemical Shit Storms to Avoid with Big Mama Becka (11/6)
  • Goal Setting with Big Mama Rebecca (11/13)
  • Happy Home with Big Mama Gina (11/18)
  • Healthy Holidays with Big Mama Anela (11/20)
  • SEX! with Big Mama Taryn (11/25)

Special Features:
Weekly ZONE Cleaning Challenge Groups
2 Week Health Quest (Diet, Fitness & Accountability)


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November Mentoring – Waiting List Open


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